Conoser Scholarship Fund Group is a registered charitable organization 83326 7115 RR0001 with the objective of creating opportunities for higher academic achievement in the Spanish speaking community. Conoser serves as the umbrella organization for Teach2Learn. About Teach2Learn: Since 2009 Teachch2learn, a Toronto-based organization that supports Hispanic-speaking families, has been producing initiatives for young people to explore abilities that would help them in their adaption process through the use of art. Later, teach2learn recognized the need to assist parents who were unable to assist their children due to language barriers, so they implemented workshops to educate parents about the Canadian educational system, Lastly, they created an after school tutoring program, where children received homework assistance and practice their mother tongue.

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Our Objectives are to:

(a) Advance education for the benefit of Spanish-speaking youth and children by providing opportunities for youth development by offering outreach, leadership training programs and workshops.
(b) Advance education for the benefit of Spanish-speaking youth by providing workshops and instructional seminars on performance and visual arts and by providing opportunities for students to publicly exhibit, present, or perform their works, or develop their crafts or skills in conjunction with these learning activities.
(c) Advance education by providing scholarships to Spanish-speaking youth to encourage academic excellence

Ongoing Projects:

Teach2Learn Tutoring Program: Provides tutoring and mentoring services to grade-school aged, Spanish-speaking and newcomer children throughout North York. Supports both children and their parents.

Teach2Learn Youth Mentoring Program: Provides coaching and mentoring and capacity-building workshops to youth, on a weekly basis. Facilitators from the community also come to our workshops every second week to teach youth about opportunities and resources in a variety of different fields (ie. Nutrition, mental health, fitness, careers, etc.)

Teach2Learn Newcomers Program: Supports young people who have recently arrived in Canada by providing mentoring from other young people who have experienced a similar situation, so mentors can assist them not only achieve academic success but also build social skills.

Past Projects: Teach2Learn


Parents in Action: Provide capacity-building workshops for Spanish-speaking and newcomer parents in order to provide them with the necessary tools to navigate the educational system in Ontario, and help their children excel as they further their education.


Young Amautas of the Americas: A program in partnership with the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) at York University. In this program, youth from 14-18 years of age learn to collectively evaluate the history and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean. Youth will participate in daily activities including art, dance, creative writing, sports, music, trips, and workshops. This program seeks to inspire Latin American and Caribbean youth to pursue postsecondary education by welcoming them to York University.


Teach2Learn Summer Camp: This program is a free-of-charge summer camp for 60 Spanish speaking children from the community. This program is of great assistance to Spanish-speaking and newcomer families, while they work during the summer. Teach2Learn is the only free summer camp project for Hispanic youth in Toronto. Past Partnerships Casa Maiz, Centre For SSP, CultureLink, York University (Amautas), Uoft, Ryerson, TCDSB, TDSB Big City, Hispanic Development Council, North York Arts, Project Canoe, Black Creek Community Farm, Pioneer Village, Jane & Finch Family Centre, Mennonite Community Centre, Working woman Past Project Funders Toronto Community Housing, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Laidlaw Foundation, Toronto Arts Foundations, ArtReach, City of Toronto, TCDSB


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  3. A business’ investment in the community signals a commitment and concern for its neighbours. Many times, consumers will make conscious choices to support businesses that support and give back to the local community.

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